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It’s a lovely Monday and I’m getting back to work after a few days of vacation where I walked until my legs hurt and read a book about lobsters. Back at my desk, a job application awaited. Having rewritten my cover letter, and before contacting one of my referees, I thought I’d post a quick little thing here.

To celebrate summer, here is a logic puzzle for anyone who likes that kind of thing. I loved the GRE logic section, if that gives you any indication of where I stand on this. I’m also thinking about assigning this to students as an extra credit challenge, except that the solution is online, and so I don’t know how many would actually do it. I came across this puzzle years ago (possibly passed along by my father), and I drag it out again every so often to play with. There is a (unique) solution that can be reached without any guesswork.

The puzzle.

As a fun pedagogical exercise in an era when many students seem not to read carefully or logically enough to find logical problems with their own writing (or that of others), this might be worth a try. Or just do it because it’s fun, it’s summer, and it’s a different challenge than a jigsaw puzzle.

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